Automatic needle shielding icon
Automatic needle shielding before, during and after use, helps with needle phobia.
Ergonomic cap
Ergonomic cap for ease of use with multiple RNSs.
Clear feedback
Visual feedback via a bright yellow plunger rod visible through a large window.
Automatic needle insertion, enables consistency of injection experience.
Independent 2 phase needle insertion and drug delivery, limiting impact forces on the syringe, which reduces risk of syringe breakages.
Patented technology
Patented technology gives true platform benefits in robustness and also reduced time to market, cost and risk.
Small, discreet, lightweight design, enables user to incorporate into daily routine.
Anti-roll feature
Anti-roll feature, helps convenience.
Audible notification
Audible feedback via a ‘click’ at the start and end of injection.
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